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     The Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy was formed due to more than 9000 members joined and a cry from these nations have come forth that want to establish Women Christian Chamber of Commerce in their nation!

Ambassadors are appointed by the President to represent the US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce within their continent who appoints Presidents to serve as Ambassadors of Governance and Diplomacy of marketplace ministries birthing within their countries. 




 US Relations- Foreign Affairs

(non-governmental positions)



USWCCC is humbled to be a collaborator with USA National Opportunity Zone and Criminal Justice Reform investment. USWCCC partners and members unite to bring restoration, message of reconciliation, improving quality of life in the most impoverish areas within our rural communities; working with economic faith based perspective business candidates and collaborate mentoring and training with tax break for investors. 





Ambassador of ASIA Continent

Global Women Christian

Chamber of Commerce Embassy

Rev.Dr. Alwin Roland Timothy,
Global Peace Ambassador,
Founder & International Chairperson
Global Churches Alliance (GCA






Joyce Carmel 


Ambassador and President of India Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy



Since 2017, USWCCC President, oversees 22 Latin America Nations appointed by Burundi Ambassador Dr. Clyde Rivers, World Civility Founder,President of iChange Nations and  UN Interfaith Peace Building Initiatives Representative. 




                 Presidente en Comisión Unidos Vs Trata

  President of the nongovernmental

Commission United Against Human Trafficking


**50 State US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce State Directors are recruited to become advocates on behalf of children anti-human trafficking-working along side with Honorable Rosi.***





Ambassador of Australia Continent Global Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Embassy




Forth coming nations 2020 Continent of Africa, Canada, Haiti, Israel, China, Korea, Vietnam

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USWCCC and affiliations is a 501(C)4 registered social organization that promotes economic stability, community investment, and ensures both quality and choice of education. Contributions to the organization are not tax deductible.  EIN: 83-2633166

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