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Founders Statement:

USWCCC and the organization's partners and affiliations are the largest evangelical voice of Christian women businesses women and women of extraordinary faith.  

We are a body that empowers Dreamed Opportunities (TM) as an Embassy to all women and of all generations from all walks of life and multi-cultural ethnic background, to become strong leaders and advance those who already are: 

We embrace ETHOS!

About the Global Founder:

The founder and president,  Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss, has been recognized as the International Ambassador of Women Affairs and has birthed the USWCCC Youth Ambassador Foundation. A Global Inspiring Emerging Christian Women's Program for young boys & girls.

The Embassy of Global Women Christian Chamber of Congress represents the women from around the world with one purpose! USWCCC is committed to building bridges, celebrating diversity and energizing business and creative collaborations beyond borders, boundaries, and bias.;

Our production success has been blessed through the enrichment of global women empowerment while embracing the old and bringing the new.

Our USWCCC Embassy of the Global Human Rights Women Council,  focus on the principles of biblical values of the Golden Rule "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

We stand for Christian equality and advocate against child human trafficking, Christian women equality in the workplace, against Christian persecution and for all faiths. For freedom of religion and worship is not just for one religion, but for all to be free to worship without restraint.

We advocate against anti-Christianity, antisemitism on behalf of the Jewish women of all ages. 

Every year, we take a group of economic leaders to Israel as part of our Hispanic pilgrimage journey covenant PAC to represent the lost tribes of Benjamin, Manasseh, and Ephraim.

Our 10% business non-profit tithes go to organizations that support the heart of Israel and bring restoration back to Israel.

USWCCC and their affiliations provide Statesman and Diplomat training for those interested in pursuing women global leadership empowerment positions.

As a member of our council, we train young men and women as emerging leaders and equip them to national and global action in progress. We are anti-socialism, as we believe in Freedom, Justice, and Righteousness! 






(Latina America Embassy Moved thus far) 

Global Hispanic Diplomat Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross, recognized as the National Evangelical Latina influential and merited servant humanitarian Leader;  is working with Latin America Embassies to move their Embassy to the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. Already three Latin America countries moved their embassy to Jerusalem. President is working with Costa Rica future president Gerald Bongantes and his promise is to move Costa Rica Embassy to Jerusalem.

Christian Empowerment Council, Father Gabriel Naddaf, invited by CUFI Leadership team Israel 2016. Global Hispanic Women Human Rights Council, has recognized CEC for their global work.


Latin America Israel Relations


USHWCCC and USAAWCCC will be attending CUFI 2019 as business economic representatives of Israel.









Africa and Ireland

Kingsley Ekweairi






   Raphael Louis Hon. H.E. Sir. Dr.









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(TM) US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce; US African American Christian Chamber of Commerce; Global Hispanic Honor Society; Global Women Congress and Human Rights Council;PO BOX 702622 Tulsa, OK 74170  or use our contact form to reach us for more information! 

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