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Christian Women Making an Impact Around the World!


Purpose:  The National US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce  (USWCCC)is a conduit to the organization vision, to serve women of all diversity exercising their protected amendment of Expression of Freedom of Religion not only in the workplace but the right to own a Christian business that serves the community without prejudice. 

The USWCCC serves as an advocate for Diversity Christian Women Businesses around the nation.

The Women of Faith are transformed by their Christian foundation of biblical worldview and in that, serves a community of individuals, businesses, corporations that prefer to be served by other Christian Businesses, to protect there individual right of "belief consciousness "that others may not understand but are willing to respect our conservative views.

In that, the USWCCC has launched the following chambers to support business Christian women around the nation:  

The US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce;

The National  US African American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce

The National US Hispanic Christian Women Chamber of Commerce: 

Global Congress of Christian Women Business Council


From the President's Desk Disclosure Clause:

To request and view our by-laws, you must be a member of one of the chamber's. To request and review bylaws of the Global Christian Women Congress Human Rights Council-  a civic engagement PAC, please send the president a request by using our contact form.

The USWCCC, USHWCCC and USAACCC is a 501 C (6). The GCWCHRC is a 501 (C)4. The founder and CEO of this website has the right to deny access to any person that is conflict of our bylaws and membership covenant clause: More information about our membership guidelines can be read by going to our membership link.



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~ Prophetic word to Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross: From  AGLOW April 20, 2013,:The drought is broken over the Hispanic Community. You have made an oasis that is were through- is life- refreshing and the people are drawn to the Oasis~



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