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Kristen Moss

National Prayer Director Economic Initiative

Kristen Marie Moss is head-over-heels in love with Jesus! Additionally, she is an author, speaker, and blogger. She is affectionately known for “saving Christians for Christ”. She wholeheartedly believes in the abundant life that Jesus came to bring (John 10:10), and it is her passion to help people who are interested in connecting to it, too! She has developed a variety of programs and resources allowing her to come alongside countless of people to help them choose life, find freedom, and take territory in their Story!

In 2011, Kristen won the “entrepreneur of the year” award for her business, PregoFIT. PregoFIT offers customized workouts for each month of pregnancy because Kristen believes a healthy baby begins with Mom.


USWCCC National Prayer Business Faith Based Initiatives, joins forces with Lydia's House of Prayer Ministry - to pray for our cities towards the vision of eliminating poverty through partner efforts with Dreamed Opportunities and POTUS initiatives regarding "Opportunity Zone."


The National Hispanic and African American Faith-based Initiative for

Kingdom Transfer Wealth!

USWCCC prays for you,  your family, your business and community as partners of "Opportunity Zone." We are praying for your city! 

God's intent through "Opportunity Zone" is for your community to thrive and eliminate poverty - one city at a time. Let's do it! Let's pray! Let's Get it Done! Get Involved!  Join our prayer movement for your business! For your family success! 

Kingdom transfer wealth is here on earth!


We are dedicated to pray for you and your business!


Please fill out our contact form if you want to send us your business prayer. As a member, we will pray over your grand opening, business and family concerns. 

National Prayer Network is engaged in many national prayer movements. Members are encouraged to participate on these national prayer conference calls by going to our event calendar page. USWCCC Hispanic  Prayer Network, as lead prayer organizer and facilitator, on behalf of Pray for America

To get involved and be part of our National Business Prayer Network Team in your area, or list your business prayer network,  please use the contact form, or contact the president of US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss





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