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Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross in Haiti with Convoy of Hope


Goodwill Global Ambassador Richard DiPilla presented through LinkedIn, USWCCC the GGA Humanitarian Award for their work.




USWCCC gives back to their community and has linked arms with the National Hispanic Disaster Relief Network . NHDRN oversees all aspects of the US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce Women Human Rights Council and serves as a spokesperson on behalf of our members USWCCC National Compassion Sphere! 

NHDRN was recognized by the USA Freedom Presidential Volunteer Services for their work of more than 4000 volunteer hours and the was presented by Michael W. Smith presenting NHDRN the USA Freedom Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  NHDRN volunteers can sign up by going to the USA Freedom Volunteer Services link to be recognized for their services on behalf of USWCCC.

Donation to NHDRN also USWCCC to help Christian Business Owners be part of the Disaster Business Council and working collaboratively with NGO and other government entities. 



Article written by Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross

with former CIA Director.



Donations received December 2018 will go towards helping families in various states affected by natural disasters. Please give through our contribution link and designate your gift to NHDRN!

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