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Christ Centered Business

Women Leaders had no voice until now!

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Your First Amendment Rights!  

This means that Christian Businesses have the right to hold bible studies, pray for people and free to express religion in the workplace.  USHWCCC believes that businesses are in the movement of the return of the Book of Acts manifestation in the marketplace. 


US Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce supports the Latin America nations moving their Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel.

Birth Right for Life: " A Moral Out Cry" Sign the Petition

Chelsea Victoria Clinton stated in numerous interviews, that abortion industry has positively contributed to America's economy. A venomous rhetoric!

Freedom of Religious Expression: Marketplace

Atlanta to Pay $1.2 Million to After Violating His First Amendment Freedoms

Sign the Petition: Degrading our First Lady or any woman is NOT OKAY!

STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH OUR FIRST LADY and for all women of America!

Rapper "T.I" Has Degraded Melania Trump By Depicting Her Stripping In The Oval Office. 

Her office has now demanded a boycott.

SIGN Here to show support for our First Lady! The US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce is appalled of disgracing the United States, Our President and our First Lady!  

A public apology is demanded!


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