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CUBA Christian Leaders Seek Complete Religious Freedom: Sign the Petition

Source CSW
 and from the desk of IRF: Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has begun collecting signatures on a multi-faith letter to the president of Cuba concerning their proposed constitution. 

Cuba is in the process of adopting a new constitution which will go to public referendum in February. A draft was published by the government this summer and put to the public for ‘consultation’. Unfortunately, it contains weakened provisions for FoRB and eliminates freedom of conscience altogether. A number of religious leaders have been campaigning for stronger wording to protect FoRB but it does not appear yet that the government intends to change the language.

Unfortunately, many religious leaders have reported to CSW and CSW contacts that they have been threatened behind the scenes by government officials and warned that they must encourage their congregations to vote in favor of the proposed constitution.


If you are part of USWCCC Global Human Rights and Freedom of Religion Council and like to sign the petition. Please read IRF drafted letter here!

If you like to sign IRF petition, please signing the petition. Send us your name and organization to us and we will add it along with USWCCC supporting CUBA for religious freedom. The gospel must be preached without restrictions in Cuba. Let's heal Cuba and eliminate poverty!  Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross ~ Chief Latin America Adviser to the President of iChange Nations- GGA Hispanic Diplomat

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