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US Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce president and founder Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-D'Ross, works diligently and tirelessly, with leaders of Latin America that represent the lost tribe of Israel Benjamin, Manasseh and Ephraim, Sephardi Jewish community.

Empowerment towards advocacy, prayer movement, pilgrimage journey, bring awareness and as representatives of the Global Women Business Congress with solidarity goal to bring Latin American Embassy back to Jerusalem where it belongs.

Dr. Lydia Gonzalez-DRoss appointed as FAAVM  International Ambassador Women Affairs; recognized as GGA Hispanic Diplomat; and also Appointed Chief Adviser of Latin America Division of iChange Nations, an inter-faith peacebuilding initiative of World Civility and is also the founder of Hijas de sSion Global Prayer movement,  continues to work tirelessly with foreign leaders and organizations within the US and abroad, to convince foreign nation parliaments, to move their embassy to Jerusalem.


US Hispanic Women Christian Chamber of Commerce humanitarian aid to "Golden Voices and Hijas de Sion Mundial  advocacy and prayer network."  Golden Voices was founded by the president on her first trip to Israel as an international student when visiting the ghetto of Palestine and Israeli Jewish children.

The following Latin American have supported Israel or have moved their Latin America country to Jerusalem, Israel: Click on any of the nations to read more about their vision for Israel.


Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel and it is forever the heartbeat of Yahwey.





El Salvador









Costa Rica


French Guiana




Puerto Rico- Where President of USWCC parents are from- Yauco- (Jewish Slope Community- 5th generation) also Tribal Indigenous Tiano

Santo Domingo





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