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Why join US Women Christian Chamber of Commerce?

USWCCC is composed of women and men from around the nation. It is the season for conservative business women to fulfill their dreamed opportunities.

USWCCC is a volunteer driven organization. It is through your giving, endorsement and volunteer support - in numbers- we became the largest conservative voice for Christian women around the world.

Here is what your membership or volunteer equate as:

One hour volunteering for USWCCC is like contributing $24.69 per hour. As a volunteer, we record your hours through the USA Freedom Presidental Volunteer bank, under USWCCC.

USWCCC  volunteer member and leaders invest in USWCCC with a minimum of $100 donation.

USWCCC and their affiliations have been heard all around the world. 30% of Christian men have joined from Europe, Ghana, Canada, and recently Netherlands- in support of the National United States Women Christian Chamber of Commerce. 

We can not fulfill this mandate without you. You don't have to have a business to join. Our leadership appointments are from women who have a business or want to be seated in national or local positions, bringing their expertise to our roundtable and Global Christian Women Embassy. 

Donations and contributions without membership affiliations are also welcomed and you will receive our newsletters and opportunities to invest in what God is doing on behalf of USWCCC


Every Christian business women and their company are prayed over daily. We pray that the Lord will bless you and yours and that His manifesting outpouring and presence are felt as soon as someone enters inside your business.

Your membership also include your business logo on our banner slideshow and also will be linked to your business: Your logo will be printed on any of our events or press releases sent out to represent your chamber. 

*To submit your logo to be featured on USWCCC CLICK

HERE .  **** To join USWCCC or pay your dues: click here


Cultural of Honor Clause: This is a faith-based chamber. Many individuals want to join us, but don't have the heartbeat of God.  Our USWCCC, USAAWCCC, USHWCCC, and USNAWCCC philosophy is based on biblical worldview- Christ-Like-. USWCCC policy is that we will not compromise to world standards and will not against biblical Christian worldview- no exceptions.

This is a free market and business education industry with the right to refuse or accept services to those who do not hold dearly our faith and conservative business values.

We protect our business members very seriously and also expose businesses against Christian equality. 

Members have the right to withdraw their membership but their dues are non-refundable but transferable to another member by written consent, or will be transferred to one of our humanitarian or women global human right causes.

Disclosure clause: USWCCC is a volunteer and LLC organization. To be able to be a voice as a unified partner organization to help others, without federal limitations or international restrictions.

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