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Welcome to The US African American Women

Christian Chamber of Commerce™

National Trans-formative Agents On The Move!



Dr. Jacqueline McBride-Jones, CEM CPM, CVA, NJCDRCC

Global Goodwill Ambassador - USA – Humanitarian


Our Purpose, Vision and Goals


Dr. Jacqueline McBride -Jones is the appointed National Director for the United States African American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce.(USAAWCCC)

USAAWCCC vision is to “Inspire, promote, and improve the status of

U. S. African American Christian Women businesses and women faith-leaders”.

Mission is to be a faith-based “channel” for women businesses and women of faith leaders’ success.

USAAWCCC Goals are to promote and share economic prosperity; inspire and transform our neighborhoods, communities, cities, states, regions, and nation; and fortify the way we do business as a pioneers and advanced spiritual guardians of heaven's vision in our global marketplace.



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In the News! 

Dr. Jacqueline McBride-Jones is recruiting strong women christian leaders to serve as Regional and State Leaders, under her leadership as the National Director for the US African American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce.

If you are interested in serving or becoming a member of the US African American Women Christian Chamber of Commerce, please drop us a line using our contact form. 






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